Finance & Audit Committee

Chair, Michael Fluehr, JSA Director
Jerry Draayer, JSA Director
Chico Moline, JSA Director
Scott Hartranft, JSA Treasurer, non-voting

Elizabeth Lawson, JSA Board Liaison & Secretary, non-voting

The Finance and Audit Committee advises and assists the JSA Board in fulfilling its governance responsibilities to ensure that JSA's financial planning, reporting, cost control and internal control processes are effective and compliant with relevant financial regulatory and professional requirements and standards. The Committee advises the Board on all aspects of financial policies, practices, system processes and internal controls needed to ensure effective financial management, stewardship, DOE contract cost compliance and best use of JSA's financial and human resources. The Committee reviews and provides advice regarding approval of the JSA annual internal audit plan and associated priorities for periodic reviews for adequacy and compliance of financially related policies and procedures. The JSA Internal Auditor reports functionally to the Committee; the Committee annually conducts his/her annual performance review, and makes a recommendation to the Compensation Committee for salary adjustments. The Committee provides to the Board an annual assessment of fulfillment of governance responsibilities related to the JSA Contractor Assurance System (CAS) program.