Operations and Safety Committee

Chair, TBD, JSA Director
Scott Hartranft, JSA Director

Elizabeth Lawson, SURA/JSA, non-voting

The Operations and Safety Committee advises and assists the JSA Board in setting policies, procedures and practices for implementing the approved Contractor Assurance System (CAS) program for Jefferson Lab, ensuring that Lab operations, support systems, and safety and risk management systems are in accordance with best industry practices fostering maximum productivity, effectively managing contract performance risk, and protecting the health and safety of workers, users and the public in a manner that facilitates program effectiveness and mission success. The Committee oversees the development, periodic refinement and benchmarking of applicable performance measures, strategic plans, annually reviews the Lab's budget proposals, and advises on performance levels needed to achieve the targeted performance incentives. The Committee provides to the Board an annual assessment of fulfillment of governance responsibilities related to the CAS program.


JSA manages and operates the Jefferson Lab for the U.S. Department of Energy.
Updated May 8, 2021.