Programs Committee

Members of the Steering Group
Chair, Elizabeth Beise, JSA Director
Jerry Draayer, JSA Director
Paul Eugenio, At-Large member
Tanja Horn, At-Large member
Zisis Papandreou, At-Large member
Lawrence Weinstein, JLab Users Group Past Chair
Stuart Henderson, JLab Director, non-voting
Elizabeth Lawson, SURA/JSA, non-voting

The Programs Committee (formerly the SURA Jefferson Lab Committee) supports the Lab and its users through initiatives and programs supported by the JSA owners, SURA and PAE Applied Technologies, through the Initiatives Fund and empowers an outreach program focused on fostering greater support for the Lab, including work underpinned by SURA's external relations efforts for the Lab. Further, the Committee monitors other owner commitments and performance as the administrative and tax member of JSA, and advises SURA on the management and operations of the SURA Residence Facility. The Committee provides to the Board an annual assessment of fulfillment of governance responsibilities related to the JSA Contractor Assurance System (CAS) program. The Chair of the Programs Committee is a member of the Science Council. The JSA Programs Committee is also a SURA standing committee. The Steering Group may act for the entire committee membership when the Committee is not in session.