Relations & Outreach Committee

Chair, William Harvey, JSA Director
Jerry Draayer, JSA Director
Chico Moline, JSA Director
Timothy Sands, JSA Director

Stuart Henderson, JLab Director, non-voting
Greg Kubiak, SURA/JSA, non-voting

The Relations and Outreach Committee helps to develop, execute, evaluate and monitor a relations and outreach strategy on behalf of the JSA Board for Jefferson Lab, in compliance with the approved JSA policy on external relations. The Committee monitors federal and state budgets that impact the Lab, assesses the DOE Office of Science's perception of the Lab's overall performance, plans and monitors the activities of lobbyists engaged to help garner support for the Lab, ensures consistency of the Lab's near- and long-term strategic plans with those of the Virginia universities, and enlists support from the boards of SURA and PAE Applied Technologies in support of special Lab initiatives.The Committee provides to the Board an annual assessment of fulfillment of governance responsibilities related to the JSA Contractor Assurance System (CAS) program.