Science Council

Chair, Donald Geesaman, JSA Director
Elizabeth Beise, JSA Director
James Decker, JSA Director
Jerry Draayer, JSA Director
Barry Barish, At-Large member
Wolfgang Eberhardt, At-Large member
Bernard Frois, At-Large member
Witek Nazarewicz, At-Large member
Susan Seestrom, At-Large member
James Symons, At-Large member

The Science Council advises the Board and the Lab Director on matters related to JSA's scientific mission, including, but not limited to, long range planning; JSA's performance in accomplishing its scientific mission; commissioning periodic and/or ad hoc independent scientific peer reviews or study panels; and effective relations support and promotion of leadership from the Lab user community in the larger scientific community. The Science Council provides to the Board an annual assessment of fulfillment of governance responsibilities related to the JSA Contractor Assurance System (CAS) program. Further, the Council provides input to the Compensation Committee on the annual performance of the Lab Director. In the event that the Lab Director position becomes vacant, the Science Council provides input to the Board on the selection of a new Lab Director.